Since its foundation in 2006, the Hellenic Association of Maritime Economists (H.A.M.E.) aims at:

  • the development of the Maritime Economics and Management as discrete disciplines of the Economic and Management Sciences, through the close examination of all the maritime – related issues as well as the assessment of their impact on the economy and the society.

  • the encouragement of rational and reasoned scientific discussions in the fields of Maritime Economics and Management through facilitating the international exchange of ideas and research among those interested in the maritime discipline.

  • the close cooperation with relevant institutional bodies and organizations during the development and configuration of maritime policies and initiatives.

Its eligible members may include all the maritime economists, practitioners and scientists, who meet the requirements in the relevant section (Members) and are involved either in the fields of Higher Education or in the maritime business industry in Greece or abroad.

In pursuit of its aims, the H.A.M.E.:

  • Engages itself in examining, researching and seeking best practices which are applicable in the maritime context and interact with the human, economic and social environments.

  • Organizes scientific conferences, workshops and symposia at which various aspects of maritime economics may be discussed.

  • Rewards and promotes the execution of innovative activities aimed at improving the competitiveness and effectiveness of the maritime industry.

  • Cooperates with various institutional bodies in order to create common standards and promote enduring values related to the maritime economic environment.

  • Actively supports all the endeavors of different organizations, shipping companies or institutions from all continents, which share a common philosophy.

  • Fosters strong relationships with various organizations, associations, or educational institutions from Greece and abroad with common interests and objectives.