The Board of Directors of H.A.M.E. shall consist of seven members. After the recent elections of June 2017, the members of the new Board of Directors are:

President: Ioannis Patiniotis

Mr. Ioannis Patiniotis has over thirty years of experience in the maritime industry and has served at managerial positions in many shipping companies.

Currently, he is Finance Manager at Carras (Hellas) S.A.



manos_kavousanosVice-President: Manolis Kavussanos

Professor Manolis G. Kavussanos is a faculty member of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), Greece. He holds a BSc and MSc (Economics) from the University of London and a PhD (Applied Economics) from City University Cass Business School (Cass), London. He is the Director, since inception, of the MSc in International Shipping, Finance and Management, of the Laboratory for Applied Finance, member of the steering committee of the MSc program in Accounting and Finance and of the Athens MBA program, has been for 5 years the Director of the MSc and PhD programs in Accounting and Finance at AUEB, the coordinator of the BSc in Finance course team at the Hellenic Open University and the MSc in Banking and Finance team at the Open University of Cyprus. He has written extensively in the areas of finance, shipping and applied economics and has been the author of numerous pieces of academic work published in top international refereed journals and conference proceedings including monographs, books and journal guest volumes. This work has been presented in international conferences and professional meetings around the world, gaining awards for its quality and being cited extensively by other researchers in the area.


dimitrios_lyridisSecretary: Dimitrios V. Lyridis

Dimitrios V. Lyridis is an Associate Professor in the area of Maritime Transport in the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NA&ME) at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and Head of the Laboratory for Maritime Transport of the School. He has a Diploma (1987) in NA&ME from NTUA (1987), an M.S. (1990) in NA&ME (Marine Systems Management) from the University of Michigan (UM), an M.S.E. (1990) in Industrial and Operations Engineering (IOE) from UM, and a Ph.D. (1990) in NA&ME from UM as well. His main scientific areas of interest are maritime transport and logistics, shipping finance, safety, security, and environmental protection.


georgios_vaggelasTreasurer: George Vaggelas

Dr. George Vaggelas is a Partner and CEO at “Ports and Shipping Advisory” and a Research Fellow at Research in Shipping and Ports Laboratory at the Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport of the University of the Aegean (Greece). George has more than 10 years of experience in consulting and research on port and shipping issues and he has been involved also in European and national projects examining the port and maritime industries. He holds a BSc (Shipping & Enterpreneurship), an MSc in Shipping Trade and Transport (STT), and a Phd (2008), from the School of Business, University of the Aegean, Greece. He is active in the Port Performance Research Network (PPRN) and has previously been an advisor to the President and CEO of Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A. (Greece).



aggelos_pantouvakisMember: Angelos Pantouvakis

Angelos Pantouvakis is an Associate Professor at University of Piraeus. He holds holds a Civil Engineering Degree (MEng) from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), an MBA from the Nottingham Business School, Nottingham and a PhD in Performance Measurement and Services Marketing from the Judge Business School, the University of Cambridge. His scientific research interests include marketing and management of shipping companies. He has spent more than 20 years in the professional arena in Greece and abroad and has served at top managerial positions in the banking, health care and maritime sectors.




Member: Spyros Vougious

Spyros Vougious is the Director of the Shipping Programs at the ALBA Graduate Business School. He has plenty of experience in managing maritime academic programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate level in collaboration with Universities in the UK. He is a Ph.D. Candidate at University of Antwerp. He holds a BSc in in Shipping and Transport from London Guildhall University and a MSc in International Shipping and Transport from Cardiff University.




Member: Isidoros Karamaounas

Isidoros Karamaounas has twenty years of experience in the maritime industry and is Head of the Freight and Demurrage section in Thenamaris Ship Management. He holds a BSc in Production Engineering and Management from Technical University of Crete and a MSc in International Transport from Cardiff University.